Kelly 5B4AIT Kelly’s Beta Test-1 Android & HamSphere

HamSphere on Android BETA #1 Feedback:

I started handing our hamsphere APK files 28 August to some 100 Beta testers. This is the feedback I have gotten so far.

Thank you all beta tester for the feedback. I am now working on BETA #2 where most of the errors below should be fixed.


Positive feedback

* What a program great fun when ok well done. Look forward to the next beta test.
* Great Job Kelly.
* Working fine. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do for ham radio.
* The down load was fine and worked well.
* Downloaded version for samsung galaxy s ll works good. Good job Kelly, thanks a lot for your hard labour.
* Ok thanks i installed and i can hear the stations.
* It’s now working ok. W5GT.
* YES! Its running! YES, YES! Its running fine on all bands!
* It works fine. Smart application. 73s.
* Wow! Yeaaaaaaa! Finally!.
* It looks and worked great, except that it did crash when I turned the tablet as you said that it would.
* Looks like it works pretty well on the TMobile Amaze over WiFi. Very nice work!
* It’s pretty awesome!
* First : the audio is great.
* Filter: Perfect
* Cluster: Works good
* I would like to say i am impressed. The audio quality and user interface is every bit as nice to use, as the computer version.

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